Taught Courses

I.      Management of Pharmaceutical Affairs (PCMD4015)

The course had 15-20 students, aiming to providing them with the knowledge of management and operation of pharmaceutical affairs in different nations. I taught one-third of the course and was mainly responsible for introducing the legislation of drug administration and pharmaceutical industry in Hong Kong. I oversaw designing the course and created opportunities for student activity.

II.      Advancement in Contemporary Chinese medicines (MPS 7070)

It was a seminar-style class with around 200 master students, aiming to introduce the knowledge of the research and development of Chinese Medicine. knowledge covers variety of state-of-the-art scientific topics in multidisciplinary areas in which my course topic mainly focuses on the introduction of modern western and Chinese medicines in the management of metabolic diseases. I prioritized student activity in the classes and found that having students do assignments for the research topic of their interests was successful in encouraging active learning.

III.      Microbiology and Immunology (BMSC2025)

The course aims to introduce the students the basic principles and concepts of medical Microbiology. In this course, I mainly taught the general view of microbiology by providing students with the introduction of difference in microorganisms and the laboratory identification of microorganisms. Videos and animation were used to explain some of the basic techniques used in microbiology experiments.

IV.      Infectious disease and Rheumatic diseases (BMSC3015)

The course provided a basic knowledge of the various aspects of the infectious diseases and immunology diseases that include the major manifestation, clinical features, complications, prognosis, management, and prevention. In this course, I mainly taught the general introduction to infectious diseases including bacterial, parasitic, and sexually transmitted diseases. The Teaching Portfolio material included the images for understanding the pathogenesis and symptoms of the disease.

V.      Pharmacology and Toxicology (PCMD3006)

The course included two Teaching Portfolio modules with their respective learning outcome. The pharmacology of protein-based drugs and the concept of immunopharmacology was introduced. Therapeutic use of drugs in different medical conditions, importance of immunostimulants, immunomodulators and probiotics were included in the course study. In the toxicology section the students were introduced the basic principles of toxicology, overview of environmental, clinical, and occupational toxins. For better understand of the concept, I used references from an individual’s daily activities/occupations which enhances the risk of exposure to different biological and chemical toxins.

VI.      Doctoral research training II (IIS7020)

The course concept was to introduce the research-based learning to the students. The students were taught to perform the literature review and develop the critical thinking about different research topics. The learning outcome of the course was to enhance the student’s ability to understand the research question, plan and execute the required experiments under guided supervision. The course assessment structure which included the oral presentation of the research and manuscript writing improvised the student’s troubleshooting capacity. In this course, I was invited to give the introduction of basic biological research and described how it contributes to our understanding of human energy regulation and the development of therapeutics for metabolic diseases.